Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

Buddy Boy turned 8 this past week. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him moments after he was born.

Next weekend we are having a "kids" birthday party on Sunday, to which we've invited all of his classmates. We haven't had a kids party in a few years, so I don't know if it will come off OK or not. So far, out of a possible 20 kids, we've received 4 'No's', 2 'Yes's', and one verbal yes (from a classmate) without a formal RSVP. I'm praying for a few more 'Yes' responses. Doesn't anyone know what RSVP means anymore????

But that's this coming weekend, and we'll deal with that then.

This past weekend we had our family celebration, which went well. In case you don't remember, Buddy Boy has a thing for farm machines (especially combines), and has narrowed that of late to all things 'John Deere'. Now while we live within easy driving distance of farms, we've never lived anywhere remotely rural. This hasn't stopped Buddy Boy from being fascinated by these machines, and there use in farming.

For Christmas Buddy Boy got (yet another) toy farm machine (A tractor with a sprayor type apparatus on the back), as well as a boxed set of 5 John Deere DVD's (we laughed when we found these-who'd of new they made such things) and the shirt he's wearing in the picture. When asked what kind of theme he wanted for his birthday, farm machines was what he wanted.

Evidently John Deere has a very good marketing department. Because besides the shirt, the toys, and the DVD's, we also found the plastic logo to stick in the cake, as well as John Deere plates and napkins for the cake.

Buddy Boy had a good time. He's been wanting to go to the Science Museum to see the Body World exhibit, and after talking about it between us and with him, we took him. I think I'll save describing that for a separate post. Suffice it to say that it went well, and Buddy Boy had a good time.

After the museum we returned home for Chinese food, presents, and cake and ice cream. One of my brothers lives in town, so he joined us. We all had a good time, and Buddy Boy went to bed with a smile on his face.

I'm still anxious regarding what's going to happen next week (will anyone show up?, will he like the party?, will the other kids like the party?) but as I said, that'll have to wait for now. I'm glad that he'll have some good memories of this birthday, regardless of what happens next week.


jypsy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Buddy Boy! And if you want more John Deere "stuff," come northwards and visit Mills Fleet Farm. All the green and gold that isn't Packer is John Deere. :)

Ange said...

Happy Birthday! We had a small "friends" party for the boys at the place where they take gymnastics, and only a few kids were there (it was the day before Christams Eve), but it was nice and the boys could care less. They were having a birthday party. And Pizza. And Cake. And they got presents. And a few good buddies were there. What could be better?

Good luck though, I'd not handle the whole party and kids at my house thing...which is why I've never done it!.

And we are john deere fans here too along with farm equipment, construction equipment, trains, and emergency vehicles. I am not a fan of the ridiculously boring videos and books, but the boys love them. Who knew they had hours, days, weeks worth of videos and books on machines at work? Thank goodness for the library.

Bubba has been wanting to go to that exhibit, but I feel sick just knowing those people were alive and then I speculate on how they died and, well, then it's not so pleasant.

Marla said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a fun party you are planning. I am sure it will go very well! Sometimes I think the smaller the turn out the better. Four or five kids is perfect. I have always had to call and make people confirm if they are coming or not. I really do think people don't pay attention to RSVP anymore. Bummer!

Casdok said...

Happy birthday Buddy Boy! 8 already! Yes where does the time fly!
Your family celebrations sounds great, good luck for the party at the weekend!

mumkeepingsane said...

Happy Birthday!

John Deere is a favorite around here too. I'm sure the party this weekend will go splendidly.

Patrick said...

Wishes for a happy birthday, party and all.

It put a smile on my face just reading about it!

kristina said...

happy happy birthday! nothing like a tractor (or other farm implement) atop a cake------

kristen said...

Happy birthday! We did the John Deere birthday party last year for my son. It IS shocking to find there are so many trinkets for sale with the John Deere logo.

Have fun!

Niksmom said...

...and speaking of trinkets for sale...I saw this in today's newspaper and thought of you and Buddy Boy!

The actual item isn't online yet at this site:

It's a Precious Moments figurine titled "Like Father, Like Son" and has a small child on his dad's lap on a JD tractor of course!