Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Send Comments to NBC

Last week I put up a post concerning a skit on NBC's Saturday Night Live, where the whole "joke" was making fun of a disabled person.

Well NBC thinks it's so funny they have the clip up on the SNL web site.

I just registered to make comments, and posted one myself.

I invite others to do the same.

Sorry there's no picture for this post. I'm rushing off to work.


Maddy said...

Well I shall nip along and take a peek in that case.

Mrs. C said...

Um, I don't even get how it's *supposed* to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Great! I finally watched the show and was pretty disgusted by it. I tried to look at it from different perspectives and just did not see the humor.

Joeymom said...

Thanks for letting us know this was being featured on NBC. And I repeat what I posted there: it is mean, plain and simple.

autismfamily said...

I had not seen the show in years and a few weeks ago it was all the rage on twitter so I viewed it and they were mocking homeschoolers so I went over to Chelsea lately instead on E! Will check it out to see what they said. Thanks for heads up and suggestion to contact NBC.

echotig8 said...

This bit was just not funny and what was worse is the other people leaving comments for Joeymom. That made me even more mad than the stupid bit. Like they were trying to convince her it was funny? Idiots.

Face it, people will think making fun of the disabled is OK until they have someone in their lives that is disabled.

We shouldn't take other people's view on disability to heart. They are Moron's and heartless.

Maddy said...

I'll nip along and take a look. Then I'll read the comments which are always so sobering.

Incidentally, I was listening to my ipod yesterday [post dental surgery] to a programme called 'you and yours' [yes it BBC] Anyway, they were having [celebrating ] the 50 year anniversary of Thalidomide births. [yes those little kiddy winkies are now 50]

I'd do the link to the Flickr website that shows some of the portraits but I'm a bit whacked out of Vidodin - hence ramble.

Anyway I mention it now because it might/ may make a good counter balance. The portraits are quite stunning and the back story on the broadcast is also very interesting. [can't likn to that either]

The point is, that of the 10,000 [ish] cases / live births / early deaths, there are now a finite group of surviving adults. The interviewer is the host of the 'ouch' postcast which made it all the more poignant.

Er.....I'll stop rambling now.
Best wishes

storkdok said...

NOT funny. Even though I'm late, I'm late, I'm posting my thoughts. Thanks for the link, Joe.