Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring has Sprung

photo credit-Dan Zen
creative commons license

Yesterday it was about 75 degrees Farenheit (24 Celcius) in the lower Midwest. The sky was blue and clear, there was a soft breeze, and no humidity. In short, it was a perfect day. I happened to get out of work early, and treated myself to a late lunch on an outdoor patio of a nearby restaurant.

Today I noticed all sorts of flowering plants, bushes, and trees springing up all over the place. Lillies, redbud, dogwoods, and one of my favorites, the forsythia shown above. The forsythia always seems to just start to peak around Sweet Pea's birthday, which is coming up shortly (she'll be 7).

I'll always associate forsythia with Sweet Pea, as this riotous yellow flowering bush was in full bloom when we went to attend her birth in the city she was born in, and fully in bloom a few weeks later when we brought her back home.

Somehow the explosive, in your face color that screams "Notice Me!!" and "I'm So Cute!" seems thoroughly appropot of our daughter. Sweet Pea is always full of energy, and she is always noticed when she enters a room (whether you'd like her to be or not). Although Sweet Pea is often a bit too loud, a tad too competitive, and a bit too demanding at times, I love her spunk. She has the drive and determination that, when harnessed a bit with maturity, will serve her well in life.

Although a lot of my blogging has to do with Buddy Boy, I just wanted to take a minute and give my second child (the one who I tell every night "You're my favorite girl in the whole wide world") a little bit of ink, too. I can't wait to see what both of my kids grow up to be.


Niksmom said...

Such a delightful picture of Sweet pea that you paint for us. :-) Hope to hear a bit more...especially when the birthday rolls around.

Hope all else is well with you, Liz, BB, & SP. Enjoy the warm weather and time with your family.

Steve D said...

Here is One Dad's Opinion that Sweet Pea has a greater chance of having a positive life experience based on having the good fortune to have great parents.

Ange said...

smiling. just smiling. :)

Maddy said...

Huh! And how does your beloved wife feel about such favouritism may I ask? Oh yeah, she's a woman not a girl, right.

storkdok said...

I've always called my oldest "Sweet Pea", too. He still is to me!

We won't see our Forsythia for another 3-4 weeks at least. Still have three feet of snow on the ground around the house. I love the color of Forsythia!

Thanks for sharing your "Sweet Pea"!

Daisy said...

Sweet Pea is seven already? Where does the time go? Hugs to her from the entire Daisy family!

Anonymous said...

Spring is beautiful. How I wish it would not have just snowed here in Iowa! Argh.

Chun Wong said...

A brilliant comparison between the flowers and your daughter. Her confidence and energy is great, much better than being shy. Your kids sound as if they have great parents.