Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The organization ADAPT staged a non-violent sit in at the Whitehouse today in Washington, D.C. For those of you who aren't familiar with ADAPT, it is an organization that advocates for the civil and human rights of the disabled.

This protest was in support of the CCA, or the Community Choice Act. If passed, this act would provide much more support for the disabled to live in their own homes, instead of being shunted into institutions (both large and small).

The current administration has talked a lot about support for the disabled. It's time to see if they're willing to support their words with action. It will take spending some political capital to get lawmakers to sign onto this bill (the disabled, being mostly invisible to lawmakers, are not seen as a significant part of anyone's voting base). Today's action raises the visibility of the disabled, and may be the nudge that lawmakers need to actually act in their constituents best interest.

Instead of having the money flow to people through big agencies and big institutions, the CCA would allow more of the money to follow the individual, such that they could procure assistance in their own home, and remain independent and integrated into their own community.

If you're in the US, contact your own legislator and urge them to pass this bill. For your Senators, the bill number is S. 683. For your House members, the bill number is H.R. 1670. If you're having trouble composing your thoughts, you might want to refer to these talking points that ADAPT has gathered together.