Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gone Fishing

For a variety of reasons, I've neglected this blog for a the last 11 days. I've been avidly following Autism Diva's excellent postings (like this one) on the autism omnibus hearings in federal court, as well as reading many truly excellent posts on a lot of other blogs. I've rejoiced that Bev's rapier satirical wit (and consummate graphical skills) over at Asperger Square 8 are getting the recognition they deserve, as one of her illustrations got picked up in an Arthur Allen article in Slate. And I've felt down as yet more reports of abuse and murder of the disabled continue to come in.

I'm also a teaching physician, and the year for our residents ends this week, and another year starts next week. I've been busy finishing things up the last couple weeks, and I'll be especially busy the next 6-8 weeks, as I help to get the new residents settled in.

But before I go into "occasional posting" mode, I'd like to relate what happened over the last couple of weeks when I took the kids fishing.

The local park district had a "family fishing day" at one of the local parks. They stocked the ponds ahead of time, and it sounded like a nice way to spend the day. So I took the two kids out, and we had a good time (mostly). Like a good dad, I was in charge of baiting the hooks (with worms), untangling lines, and assisting with casting (as well as keeping the kids out of everyone else's area).

I had taken the kids out twice last year, without any luck, as well as once earlier this year, which was unsuccessful. But the kids wanted to go (and I love to fish, though I don't get much chance lately), and I thought we would have a good time.

Sweet Pea took right to it this time, and hauled in 7 fish. Buddy Boy didn't catch any. After Sweet Pea had caught 4, I had them change spots and change poles, but it was no use. Sweet Pea continued to haul them in. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that with her competitive nature she just had to lord it over Buddy Boy. This caused Buddy Boy to lose interest in fishing, so I let him go dig some holes in the dirt with a stick (one of his favorite activities), while I got our stuff together. Then we all headed over to the playground equipment, which made them both happy.

The following week (last week) Sweet Pea had started day camp, but Buddy Boy still had not, so I took him fishing again with me when I had a day off. This time he was successful, and caught 4 fish. We probably caught the same fish he's holding in the picture four times, but that was fine with him and me. We also spent some time playing at the edge of a fountain, and on some of the playground equipment. It was a good day.

When we picked Sweet Pea up from camp that day Buddy Boy told her about catching fish. I expected her to a) get upset that we went without her, and b) emphasize that her fish were bigger and she caught more. To my surprise (and delight) she did neither.

Instead, what she said when she heard was "Way to go, Buddy Boy! That's great!". I couldn't believe my ears. As soon as I could catch my breath, I made sure to praise her for being such a good sister by celebrating Buddy Boy's catch.

Raising kids is never boring. And even though it can be challenging at times, the good surprises that happen make it all great.

I'll continue hanging out in the blogoshere, but probably won't post quite so much for the next couple months. But I'll be thinking about all of you.



Daisy said...

I love the pictures! My son also loves fishing. He goes with his dad, and they always throw them back. I wouldn't be surprised if he caught the same fish four times.

Ms. Clark said...

Such a good dad! You're kids are learning, and they are learning from your (and your wife's, no doubt) good example. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Thanks for reading the Diva blog, too. :-)

kristina said...

We'll be thinking of all of you, for sure!

Sam I Am said...

...and thinking of you too. Will still stop by and check regularly.

Niksmom said...

Will miss you while you're off living life, but will rejoice in the knowledge you'll be back! :-) I've really enjoyed getting to know your family and reading about such wonderful experiences like the fishing. Have a great summer.

Bev said...

Thank's Joe! Love and Robots to BB.

Joeymom said...

Oooo, fishing! I'd love to take Joey fishing, I think he'd like it, but I can't take them both at once. I'd end up with all of us in the water and no fish for miles. ;)

bigwhitehat said...

Catching and cleaning fish is a necessary part of child development. Hey, so far my record is better than Spock's.

Anonymous said...

"Raising kids is never boring. And even though it can be challenging at times, the good surprises that happen make it all great." Amen to that.

Will be thinking of you and your family.

kristina said...

Not sure if you can come out of blog-bernation but I tagged you for the 8 random things meme:

Regards from Kristina

Anonymous said...

Fishing with my parents are some of my fondest memories of growing up.

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