Saturday, July 28, 2007

Putting in His Supply List

a wormhole

Today Buddy Boy went up to Liz and asked her to obtain some supplies he was going to need to make a time machine. He evidently said:

"I'll need a computer, of course."

"Then I'll need a really big battery, and a big magnet."

"I'll also need some little batteries, and a lot of cable."

I've always been fascinated by Buddy Boy's creations. When he builds something, you can tell that he always starts with a vision in his head of what the thing will look like when it is finished. Once he starts, he's usually "in the zone". There's little time for chit chat, though sometimes he likes to describe what particular bits are for while he's in the construction process. He cuts and folds paper, strings strings all around, and continues until he's finished. Watching him build is like watching a sculptor release an image from a block of stone.

Buddy Boy has also confirmed for me multiple times that, like Temple Grandin, he "thinks in pictures". Neither I nor Liz have ever mentioned the concept to him, but on multiple times he has referred to the "pictures in his head". It's not a photographic memory, though, as the pictures aren't always 100% accurate. On one occasion he was trying to argue that he had done something that I definitely knew he had not. He said something like "My mind is like a tape recorder. If you could just hit the rewind button you could see the picture of me doing it and know that I'm right."

I'm waiting to see what the "time machine" will look like. Then I hope to borrow it so that I can go back and buy a winning lottery ticket. All in the name of research, of course.


bigwhitehat said...

Such vivid and useful imagination is a blessing not to be taken lightly. Your bringing up a visionary. Literally.

kristina said...

Can we start forming a queue to use the time machine, too?

r.b. said...

bigwhitehat: Our kids don't have an imagination!!(I'm kidding...) When they play, they don't say anything. They obviously don't know how to play right!!!

One of the things that hurt me the most when Ben was diagnosed at 3 was the "inability to play". It wasn't until he was 9 years old when I heard him "playing" in the bathtub with a titanic (of course) boat. I kept hearing "engine" noises, but no speech.,

"What are you doing?"

"I'm a captain, and I'm taking my boat up and down the east coast."

It woke me up like a slap in the face!

Look up visionary in your Webster dictionary and it has a negative connotation...of course, it is slanted because how could a wordsmith justify a visionary's existance? They are in opposition! Luckily, society has a positive connotation. If they could only apply it to our kids........

mcewen said...

Ooo you big cheater you! I'd settle for a whiz forward to a time when Harry Potter's fireplace works properly to transport us and all our 'stuff' from A to B.

Daisy said...

A time machine -- I don't know if I'd move forward or back. I know I'd love to meet Buddy Boy and Sweet Pea, past or present or future!

Joeymom said...

When you buy that lottery ticket, don't forget your friends. ;)

Club 166 said...

When you buy that lottery ticket, don't forget your friends. ;)

Finding a working flux capacitor has proved to be a bit daunting. But I think I can pick up a good used one for $1 million USD.

So, for the first 100 people to send me $10,000, I can guarantee that you will receive at least $1 million USD in return, as soon as I start making my lottery runs. What a great investment opportunity!! Hurry. Times a wasting. :)