Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buddy Boy's Home Photos

Buddy Boy successfully made his First Communion this year, which we considered a big accomplishment. His most prized gift came from his godfather, Uncle Dave. Uncle Dave got him what Buddy Boy's been campaigning for for quite awhile-a camera.

I've uploaded the first set of photos that I'm making public from Buddy Boy's first foray into photography. These are from around the house, most taken on the first day or two he had the camera. I didn't include ones he made of the family (sorry).

Later I'll upload some ones he took on vacation. In addition to the two shots here, the rest of the photos can be found on Flickr. Enjoy!


Casdok said...

Congratulations on Buddy Boys firt Communion!

A first camera - how exciting! And some very interesting shots!

Maddy said...

Many happy returns of the day.

Mine 'steal' the camera sometimes and it's gives me such a giggle to see what they photograph [mainly primary colours, really close up so that's all you see.]

Maddy said...

Ooop not really 'many happy returns is it?' Too early in the morning for me. What should be the appropriate congratulatory term?

One of Leo's pals at school had his first Holy Communion with his typical twin sister a month ago. It was an extremely anxious time for the family as to whether 'he'd get through it.'

Well done Buddy Boy.

Angela said...

Happy First Communion!

Club 166 said...


"Many Happy Returns" may just cover it in this case. Buddy Boy has decided that he really likes the taste of the optional wine served with the host at Communion. Last Sunday he asked me if he could have some wine the next time we had any at home. I almost said "Sorry, we're not French". Instead I think this will lead to a discussion of why mixing alcohol with medicines is a bad idea.



Having a digital camera is a double edged sword (as opposed to the small "Brownie" ones we got when I was a kid. You can shoot to your heart's content, and not pay attention to things like composition and lighting, and if you shoot enough you're bound to get some decent ones. Buddy Boy has certainly a goodly number of blurred pictures, pics of blank walls, etc.

On the other hand, it's much more economical, and I think if I use the "good" pictures (typical and atypical) to illustrate some of the principles that most photographers look for, it will still be educational.


MOM-NOS said...

Fantastic! And it's amazing to me how strikingly similar Buddy Boy's pictures are to the ones Bud takes.

Ange said...

Love them! Really the abstractness of the first one. The digital camera was all the rage here until for some reason the port on my camera broke and I can't trasfer the pics for immediate slideshow gratification. What I found really interesting with Bubba is that he liked taking pictures of the flashing and noisy toys. He would hurry up and press a button to make it sound off, and then try to capture it on the camera. He would make several attempts for the camera to "capture" just at the right time a certain note played or light flashed. He even would turn the toy over and take a picture of the speaker. I thought he'd be confused and/or disappointed when he saw the pictures but didn't hear the sound, but it didn't phase him. He actually knew by each snapshot what noise the toy was making. (

Daisy said...

Isn't it fun to see his pictures? It's interesting to see th eworld through Buddy Boy's viewfinder.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! M loves taking pictures with my iPhone. They do take some interesting shots.

Niksmom said...

What a great way to see the world through his eyes! I think that first one is really quite avante gard! :-)

Club 166 said...

That first picture (of the drain) speaks to me on two levels.

First, I really do appreciate its starkness, set against the white background of the sink.

On another level, it evokes memories of when I had to take the sink drain apart to fish out all of the stuff that had been stuffed down there and clogged it. :)


Tara said...

The drain picture is unbelievable... I would fully expect to see it available in poster-sized form at IKEA.

And FWIW, your sink is apparently much cleaner than mine :-)

Club 166 said...

I do like the drain pic. I purposely left the pics uncropped and with no photo shopping (not that I'm that skilled with it anyway).

The shot has a kind of ethereal beauty to it. Which was probably the result of him using the flash, which washed out the white background a bit (and also made the sink look cleaner than it really was). :)


Philip. said...

Great pictures :-)