Saturday, June 28, 2008

Planning Ahead

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In looking thru my past posts, I realize that Buddy Boy and autism are the subject matter for the majority of my posts. Since autism is but a portion of our lives, I thought I might share a little story of something that happened with Sweet Pea yesterday.

Out of the blue, Sweet Pea asked Liz who picked out the stones (headstones) when you were buried. Now no one's died recently, and I don't think she's watched something about people dying lately (I don't think they kill off characters on the Cartoon Network). So I don't know where this came from. So Liz responded with our usual "Why do you ask?", to which Sweet Pea responded that she wanted to know whether you picked out your own or someone else picked it out for you.

Liz responded something to the effect that a person might make arrangements ahead of time to pick one out, but often the person's family picked out the stone for them.

"Well I'm picking mine out right now. I want a Princess stone."

I wonder if I should tell her that they can make headstones from pink granite?


Mrs. C said...

Hopefully she'll have lots of time yet. They haven't come out with the Princess car to go with the headstone, or any good fashion accessories. Best to wait on the death thing, Sweet Pea, 'till you can get it all coordinated.


Niksmom said... They do have ways of catching us off guard, don't they??

Mrs. C's comment cracked me up, too!

Ange said...

Have you SEEN cartoon network? Isn't there a cartoon on there with the grim reaper? Ah, here it is:
Though my kids still like nickjr, they love scooby doo on CN, and there are plenty of headstones in those cartoons... of the old school spooky variety, not the princess type. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now that is what I call "planning ahead". It sounds like something I would have been thinking about as a kid. Now adays you can even have your own art work etched into the stone. They can be so elaborate.

Sweet Pea sounds like a very introspective little girl.

Club 166 said...

@Mrs. C,
This is the same girl, who when she was 3, insisted that her underwear match the rest of her outfit.

Just when you think you have them figured out...

Yes, I've seen CN. That's why we usually don't let them watch much of it, no matter how hard they plead.

I'm not sure how introspective she is. She does seem to plan ahead, though. She has made it quite clear that she wants to grow up and be a princess, wear pink, eat cake and ice cream, have a baby, and be a teacher.

And I rather believe that she just might do all those things.


Casdok said...

I think Sweet Pea may have a good business idea there!!

mumkeepingsane said...

Wow, that question would have caught me off guard. Sweet Pea sounds like she has a good idea of what she wants from life. *grin*

Daisy said...

If she's planning on all things princess, the headstone makes sense. Pink granite? Definitely. I still recommend the book "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Meunch. Now there's a feisty princess!

Club 166 said...

@ Casdok,
Yes, I can see it now. She'll be a mortician that specializes in princess funerals (pink flowers, pink caskets, and the essential pink granite princess headstone) with a pre-school that she runs on the side.

This didn't throw me for as much of a loop as last year when she was asking how the male planted the seed.

Yes, that's a great Meunch classic. We read a lot of him around here.


J said...

Hi Joe. Sweet Pea sounds like a big thinker who knows what she wants. She'd probably be delighted to know about pink granite.

We had three funerals to attend in six months, so we've been getting a lot of comments, statements and questions about death from both our boys lately. Sigh...

Thanks for dropping by my blog last week. I'm the one who posted about the blog Marla's husband has.

Club 166 said...


Thanks for stopping by, and for the heads up about Marla's husband Joe's blog.

Love your blog, BTW.