Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hope They Can Believe In

photo credit-jetheriot
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So Tuesday afternoon (the day of Obama's inauguration) Sweet Pea comes home from school and says to Liz,

"I know this is a little bit mean, but I wish my daddy were Barack Obama."

As Liz relates this to me when I come home, I imagine that my daughter is finally getting some racial identity with the African-American side of her heritage. Perhaps she'll identify more with her black dolls, and less with the blond Barbie?

Liz continues that she responded,

"Oh really, sweety? Why do you say that?"

"Because then we could have a puppy."

"Couldn't you just wish that your dad wasn't allergic to dogs?"

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Last year, Buddy Boy suggested we could get a dog, and "Don't worry, Dad. You could live in the basement." (The unfinished, unheated basement of our 125 year old house).

It's good to know that, given a choice between a real living dad and a hypothetical dog, the dog will always win.


Niksmom said...

OMG, this made me laugh so hard I choked! Ah, yes, children are so wonderful at keeping adult humble are they not?

Ange said...

LOL!!!! My husband is allergic to cats. We got one in august and we are trying everything to make it work. He's on medications, we keep the kitty in our FINISHED basement and out of the bedrooms upstairs, etc. We've been debating about if we should find her a new home, but I always cry....Bubba offered that dad could live in a hotel and we could visit him. That made him feel really good. :)

Sharon said...

This is so funny, especially your initial reasoning for her words compared to the reality.

kristina said...

Someone has their priorities straight.......
And, uh, definitely not the basement!

Joeymom said...

Time to fix up the basement!

Btu at least you have a better excuse than me: "Mommy is terrified of dogs, sweetie. And so are you." Shared phobias.

Club 166 said...

Not only am I allergic to dogs, but also to cats, horses, grass, pollen, and goose down. If I visit my brothers or sister who have dogs, I take antihistamines and can last for a half hour or so with the dog in the room, or up to 2 hours with the dog absent. Then I'm out of there.

As to the basement, I'd love to fix it up, but it's really not possible. The ceiling is so low that you have to duck to get around. It's handy for storage, but not much else.


lonestar said...

ROFL, that is too funny :).

Daisy said...

So funny!! How generous of Buddy Boy, saying you good live in the basement so your allergies don't cause trouble.
I am allergic to dogs and cats; that's why we have rabbits. If Amigo ever gets a seeing eye dog, I may have to live in the basement!

Maddy said...

Oh dearie, dearie me! Let me tell you sunny jim, it's all completely true, I can testify to that as the new 'owner' of the said dog.

In fact now I look more closely at the photo it seems that your hypothetical dog has also been drinking blue toilet water!

storkdok said...

Hmmm, are blue dogs less allergenic? Buddy boy has his priorities straight! Good thing I wasn't drinking something when I read this or my computer would be on the fritz!

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