Friday, January 2, 2009

What Happened??!! Jett Travolta dies

My wife tells me not to jump to conclusions, but I'm very suspicious right now.

John Travolta's 16 year old son, Jett, has died while on vacation with his family in the

According to TMZcom:

... Jett was last seen going into the bathroom at their private suite at the Old Bahama Bay Resort sometime yesterday. The body was discovered by the caretaker, Jeff Michael Kathrein (pictured bottom right with Travolta in 2006), at 10:00 AM today. The report says Jett suffered from seizures. ...

Jett was widely rumored to be autistic, though the Travolta's denied this, and said instead that he had Kawasaki syndrome (an autoimmune disease that can lead to heart disease). Being autistic is something that is seen as a defect by Scientologists, which is the "religion" that the Travoltas belong to.

My immediate questions are:

1) Why was a 16 year old unaccounted for from yesterday evening to 10:00 am this morning? What adult was responsible for him?

2) Did Jett have a documented seizure disorder?

3) What medicine was he on, and who gave it to him (i.e., did he have proper blood levels of the drug)?

4) Was Jett undergoing any "detoxifying" treatments while he was in the Bahamas? Could chelation leading to a chemical inbalance have caused the seizure?

I'm not jumping to conclusions. But I hope that this unfortunate death is fully investigated, and the truth is made public.


Anonymous said...

I agree. It think it's highly suspicious. If your child was prone to seizures, why are you leaving him alone for extended periods of time? Were they trying some alternative, unapproved drug therapy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who think this smells. I feel for the family but there are many unanswered questions in my mind. I have an autistic son myself and never understood why they never came out and admitted this poor child was autistic. With Travolta's money and popularity, they could have done a lot to bring the plight of autistic children and their families to light.

Anonymous said...

I have concerns as well about this accident. How convenient that this happened in the Bahamas where the forensic requirements are not what they are here in the US. As the mother of a child diagnosed with mild autism [which we believe may be Aspergers] who has made tremendous strides thru Early Intervention I am saddened that the family chose this path of denial and redirection to Kawasakis that can conveniently be used as the cause of death. A boy that became to big too difficult to adult in body but child in mind too deal with, homicidal negilence. And I love JT but I'm so not buying this 'out'. Especially when his wife on the 8 yr pattern wants another child. A family is not Menudo you cannot kick them out when they become too old or too hard to handle.

Anonymous said...

via tmzz UPDATE: 4:40 PM ET -- Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in the Bahamas tells TMZ Jett's body would be transferred to there on Monday.

this is just suspicious...

and who knows if he was alive when he got there, maybe something happened in the states

Anonymous said...

Scientologists are fond of the "bathtub death" scenario.

Too suspicious.

Club 166 said...

That whole repetitive deaths in bathtub thing is creepy, I'll say that.

Scientologists often "treat" things with "vitamins" and other "natural" treatments. I want to know what things Jett was being "treated" with.


Anonymous said...

Honestly why would you not have your child sent back to your home base in Florida at Jumbolair when you OWN A 747 to determine, moreover CONFIRM the cause of death. They saw the lack of attention to detail in the islands after the Anna Nicole debacle. No seizure occured, the only thing Jett suffered from was a lack of parental responsibility. I am dismayed by the Travoltas dismissal of this as an accident
Jett was the victim of parental negligence. With autism @ 1/65 families I fear for Tom and Katies next child.

Anonymous said...

Hubbard was a raving lunatic. I can't believe people follow his writings. Here's a precious Hubbardism: "put them all away quietly and without sorrow."
Poor kid. I hope he's in a good place and he wasn't subjected to the detoxification rituals...

laurentius rex said...

Hubbard was not a lunatic at all, a very canny man, he knew what he was about. As for his followers, that is another matter. Hubbard never believed any of it, he was only after riches power and fame.

Club 166 said...

From the family attorney:

Travolta's attorney Michael Ossi says Jett suffered a seizure at his family's vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene.

OK, so if he wasn't seen between last night and this morning, how do they know he even had a seizure?


Club 166 said...

According to Bahamian law, there needs to be an autopsy in the Bahamas. This will be performed before the body is released for return to the states.

Unfortunately, there aren't as many resources to be had in the Bahamas as their are other places, which may lead to some toxicology studies not being fully performed.


Anonymous said...

All families are entitled to privacy. All children are entitled to privacy. All medical diagnoises are entitle to privacy.

Your a parent! Are you with your child 24-7-365? Do you sit up in a chair all night long in your child's room? How do you find the time to blog? Who is watching your children while you blog? When you sleep, who is watching your children?

Whatever the son has, it's really none of your business!

Your business is your own child. Maybe give up the blogging, and spend the time on the internet, watching your own kids?

Anonymous said...

very well said, who is watching your kids when your on the coumpter and if you do have a child with special problems why are you not tending to them? my children are grown but when I have my 5 year old helthy grandchild I watch him and do not hange on the coumpter when he is in a different room....let them morn... some pepole realley need to get a life and tend to there only family and make sure they are safe, something that can't be done when your child is watching their self when you are on the coumpter.... and when was the last time you sat in the bathroom with your 16 year old?

Anonymous said...

Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Reporter and neurosurgeon, has cast some doubt on the story as well.


Anonymous said...

As the mother of a son, who went on before me at 15yrs old,I know the feelings of self doubt and guilt they are going through for the loss of their son.
Even, with no wrong doing they will ask why and question every move they have ever made with Jett for the rest of their life.....
And even though they will thank God for their daughter,and may even have more children.There will never be one that can replace their beloved number one son Jett.
Today,I believe my son is saying Wow! I loved your dad in Pulp Fiction ! Jett is such a cool name.You want to go play a video game ? and while we wait on our families Oh yeah ! We are teachers, Here at Soul school ,for the good angelic ones headed to earth. Bill Cosby's son is our principal.
I also had the dream that both boys my son and Jett were given a vision of the future and were going to face many more health problems,but in the near death state they were told your heart is so pure you may come on to the next level and get your rewards today.Even as in life, both young men touched many in death and I believe will be strong influences in heaven for souls to be born in these trying times.

Anonymous said...

It's also interesting that all the Wikipedia entries for John Travolta, Kelley Preston and Kawasaki's Disease have already been amended to state that Jett Travolta died of Kawasaki's disease BEFORE the autopsy results. Although, there seems to be a bit of a war going on on the Kawasaki page as the post goes up and disappears.

Those Scientologists sure are efficient... it must be frustrating to try and bend reality every second of every day.

Here is a link to some info about Jett Travolta's autism:

Club 166 said...

Whatever Jett had is none of our business, unless his parents unwillingness to accept it or properly treat it (or actively mistreat it) led to his death. That's why I never blogged about Jett Travolta before this.

The Kawasaki disease thing has nothing to do with seizures as a teenager. That's not to say Jett didn't have a seizure disorder. He may well have (as an aside, there's a higher incidence of seizures in those on the autism spectrum). If he did have a seizure disorder, than it's important that it was properly treated. If I had a gazilion dollars, or at least enough to own multiple jets) and my son had seizures even though he was on medication, then I think I could hire enough people to keep track of him 24/7, even if I didn't want to/couldn't.

If indeed Jett was disabled, as John Travolta reportedly said in old interviews, than normal rules for caring for a 16 year old don't necessarily apply, depending on the disability and Jett's needs.

What troubles me (the more I think of it) is if, indeed, Jett was not seen for 10-12 hours, then why would the family have their lawyer release a statement saying Jett had a seizure? How would they know such a thing? Why not just say that he was found dead in the bathroom? Because there's certainly no way of telling that he had a seizure just from looking at a person laying there after the fact. That aspect just seems to smack of wanting to control the story.

Jett has been supposedly been subject to Scientology "detoxifying" treatment in the past. If indeed he has a seizure disorder, and if he was currently being "detoxed" again, than such treatment may have led to a chemical imbalance that could lead to a seizure.

I am sad for Jett's death, and sad for his family. But if what his family did (or didn't do) contributed to his death, than that needs to come out.


Anonymous said...

Joe wrote:

"But if what his family did (or didn't do) contributed to his death, then that needs to come out."

But I'm afraid the truth never Will come out, for the same reason that most of the comments here are from "anonymous", we're smart enough not to fool with the Scientologists.

Jesus H. Mulroney! Those people are crazy!!!

storkdok said...

Joe, I had the same questions when I heard of Jett's death. How very sad. It does sound suspicious for a cover up, and I am not one who usually believes in conspiracy theories. I do hope they are able to do a full autopsy. As a parent, I would want to know why my child died, not just speculate on it.

Boy, this brought out the wackaloons, didn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hello Joe.

Doesn't matter what he was doing or not doing! You are not the "decider" for how everybody else treats other families children! There is no law, stating that all parents must check in with Joe on how they raise their kids.

It's none of your stinking business whatever dxes Jett had!

It's none of your business, period!

A family is grieving. A sister lost her brother!

And read what your posting! You want to be the "decider" of another child, you have never met.

Can you tell me what to do? Would I even listen to you? What do you know about me? What do you know about myself or my family?

How bout I cast some aspersions on you? Something like, It's apparent from Joe's posting, that I can asssume that he works to support his family. When he comes home from work that is his downtime. Since he is the bread earner of the family, Joe feels it is his wife's repsonsiblity to mind the children. So while Joe blogs and reads the internet, his wife must assume all duties in the home and is solely responsible for no tragedies happening to their two kids. Joe can not be interrupted form something so minor as watching his children, when there is blogging to be done on how he sits back and decides based on what he knows about his childrens conditions being applied to everybody elses.

Give me a break Joe! It's none of your stinking business!

Club 166 said...

...Doesn't matter what he was doing or not doing! You are not the "decider" for how everybody else treats other families children! ...

No single person is the "decider" for anyone else, but society as a whole does have a say in what led to any individual's demise.

If someone in a family was killed because they dated someone of the wrong color, then society has a right to intervene. If someone dies as a result of child neglect, than society has a right to intervene. Not just a right, but a duty.

If my child came to harm unexpectedly, than there would be a small army of government people (police, prosecutors) determining whether I should be prosecuted.

I am sorry for the Travolta family's loss. And an investigation needs to be done to determine what happened.


Anonymous said...

Obie Wilchcombe, a parliament member and former tourism minister in the Bahamas, said that an autopsy is planned for Monday, and "we expect a quick resolution."

"John spoke with the minister of health and the doctors and police are at the hospital. They're very, very quick to resolve things," he said.

Wilchcombe said Travolta "spent a tremendous amount of time with Jett."

"He always brought him along. There was a close affectionate relationship and lots of love," Wilchcombe told "Larry King Live" in a live telephone interview. "People in the old Bahama community today are in shock."

Wow, John has already spoken to a member of parliament and the health minister of Bahama. What's going on? To me this sounds like pre-emptive damage control.


Anonymous said...

No Joe.

It's time to join your wife and all us other parents in "adulthood".

The autopsy will rule out foul play.

Nobody, even King Joe, needs to know anything further.

It's time to be help your wife raise your own children! Of which your oldest is only 10!

Sorry, King Joe, the rest of us with kids older then you, no matter if they have no dxes or any dxes, needs to be checking in with you on what they need or any meds or any therapy or any treatments or any beliefs they might have that is contrary to the thoughts of a gossip who spends all his time blogging and reading the internet.

You are such a gossip and I suspect a controller! And you like to make assumptions based on what you read on the internet.

Maybe some adult in your family will help you get it thru that skull of yours, that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. And furthermore, you could learn a lot more from life by actively living in real life instead of living on the internet.

It's your blog, feel free to not grow up and be Peter Pan!

storkdok said...

Joe, you have your very own personal Troll! Lucky you!

CS said...

Scientology Trolls are some of the funniest.

Cshells said...

OMG, they may 'have more children'???
Kelly is too old at 47 pushing 50 and John is 54!
Are you talking about adoption I hope?
Talk about defective old eggs/sperm.

Daisy said...

Joe -- this story tugs at my heartstrings. I feel for Kelly and John, and I pity them for the difficulties in covering up what appears to be their son's autism. No matter what the formal diagnosis, Jett certainly could have benefited from an appropriate education.
Denial serves no one.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Scientology Trolls are some of the funniest."

Or some of the most fucked up people in the world.

Anonymous said...

must there always be a witchhunt?

storkdok said...

Only for Scientology Trolls.

Jesus H. Mulroney said...

I think the mistake that was made was putting the boy's name in the title. This enabled anyone with Google alerts or similar search engine to find Joe's blog. Please be very careful Joe, especially in the tub.

Jethro Tull said...

Oh yeah... this story is full of holes, and the "he's so sorrowful.. he's so close to his son, he feels sooo bad" from his lawyer instantly made me suspicious.

They doth protest (well, insist on how 'sorrowful' they are) too much.

sharpptac said...

This stinks to high heaven. Children with such problems are in many ways just like their "normal" counterparts, they go toe to toe with thier parents occasionally and are violent, messy, rude teenagers, and they masturbate non-stop, I guess sometimes you just could kill them... or if you're fortunate enough to have henchmen from scientology and a can scoot over to the Bahamas you can make it happen fast no questions and a quickey cremation. We may just see a trend thanks to the sloppy toxicology in the bananna republics. By the way... Ocala is much more comfortable this time of year than the Bahamas so why go there ? hummmmmm ?

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Only for Scientology Trolls."

Especially for Scientology Trolls, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

The following text is from LBRB

Yeah, because if one of my kids had literally just died the first thing I’d feel like doing is jumping in front of a TV camera and ‘using my childs death’.

Jesus Christ. Gave the family a break yeah? Whatever his beliefs were and whatever my opinions about them are, I hope I can see the truth about how John Travolta felt about his son.

Well said!

And that is why I copied here!

Sometimes the autism community and blogs go to far in promoting individual causes and so eager to raise hatred for anybody who is not in their court.

I guess Joe your going to have to live the rest of your life with not knowing anything more about Jett's life. Other then he was loved and he will be missed incredibly.

Your blog brought out the worst in the autism community by posters who replied since I last posted.

christschool said...

I think I know who the last anon was and shame on her for trying to link what you wrote with a legitimate concern over a child receiving life saving medicine, which in fact was discontinued and resulted in his death according to the coroners report.

Club 166 said...

I don't care whether the Travolta's wanted/want to discuss their son's disabilities with the public. That's their prerogative, one way or the other.

I don't care what higher being (if any) they choose to worship. Again, their choice.

I do care (as I think anyone in society would) when any child is potentially abused, either thru action or inaction on the part of the adults taking care of them. That applies whether the child comes from a famous family of means or not. None of us is above the law.

The official autopsy says Jett died of a seizure (though this seems early to make that call, as all toxicology reports can't possibly be in). I am sure that little else in the way of information will be forthcoming, so further comments on this blog entry will be shut down.