Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Spring!

photo credits-my cell phone during my bike ride

What a great weekend it was in the middle of the US. Sure, there were some showers, but it was warm, occasionally sunny, and flowers and trees are blooming all over the place.

A great time for playing outdoors. We practiced throwing a baseball and long jumping (events that Buddy Boy's class will participate in in Special Olympics), and I got out on the bike myself, as well as with the kids.

When I went out with the kids, we did something new. Sweet Pea has outgrown the trailer I used to pull her in, so she has graduated to the "tag along" bike that hooks up to my seatpost. She says "I don't get enough air in the trailer". Of course what she really means is "Now that I've gotten a taste of riding out in the elements like this, like a big girl, you're never going to stuff me back in that trailer again!" Fortunately, Buddy Boy has gotten more confident on riding his two wheeler without the training wheels.

So we did a new thing yesterday. Instead of me throwing their two bikes in the car, takeing them to the park, then having them ride while I walked, we all rode to the park. I hooked the tag along bike to mine, and rode in the street pulling Sweet Pea behind me while Buddy Boy rode on the sidewalk the half mile to the park, where we rode on the trail that circles the park. This was significant, as Buddy Boy has never ridden on anything as narrow as the sidewalk before. I thought he was up to it, and he was the one who suggested we do it this way (I think he gets tired of waiting for me to catch up to them walking while they ride). Buddy Boy did pretty well. He veered off into the grass once on the way there, and bumped into two obstacles (a fence post and a telephone pole) on the way back.

Because it was the end of the ride (and we had also spent a good deal of free time on the playground equipment) Buddy Boy decompensated a bit when he bumped the obstacles. But he managed to get it back together in a few minutes, and we carried on back home.

It was great to get out and celebrate the start of a new season. Spring always feels so fresh and new, and the color that is dappled all over the place by nature is simply spectacular.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Joe is 210


Maddy said...

Good for him - trying to keep on a sidewalk involves far too many skills to even list! [and that's even when you're walking in some cases]
Thank goodness for the digital age of cell phones.

David N. Andrews M. Ed., C. P. S. E. said...

Even in the frozen wintery wastes of north-eastern Europe, the cold is now giving way to more clement weather... too early :/

Global warming means that Spain's holiday destination status is under threat ... in about 20 yrs, we'll be the new Costa del Sol... but given Finnish attitudes towards pricing, we'll be called Casta Del Banco!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have some warmer weather up here in the midwest too!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I am really looking forward to reading more of yours too!

Happy Spring!

Alyric said...

We had a hyacinth once called Mrs Bucket. Alas, the virginia creeper has turned a nice shade of scarlet in this neck of the woods.

Daisy said...

These pictures are gorgeous! It gives me something to look forward to. Ours will come up -- soon.They're not near blooming yet -- except the crocuses. Croci? Um, you know.