Friday, May 15, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

photo credit-kevindooley
creative commons license

Q: What makes a third grade boy want to sit at the front of the class?

A: He needs glasses.

After getting some hints that Buddy Boy needed some assistance (mis-reading the board, asking to sit closer), we took him to the eye doctor. He actually was both quite fascinated by, as well as cooperative with, the whole process.

photo credit-chris runoff
creative commons license

After being shown several pages in a book similar to the above and correctly identifying the numbers he announced "At least we know I'm not color blind." His vision isn't that all bad (it's between 20/30 and 20/40) but since he's having some difficulty with schoolwork we decided to go ahead and get him the glasses. He'll have the whole summer to get used to them, so they'll feel natural by the start of next school year.

So far things seem to be going all right with them.

Meanwhile, now that he's seeing a bit clearer, he's also seeing autism everywhere. Or at least some places it probably isn't.

Buddy Boy's teacher's husband is also a teacher at his school. He teaches music, but not Buddy Boy's class. But Buddy Boy knows him because at the end of the day he comes to Buddy Boy's class to wait for his wife. While he waits, he usually uses the computer, and trys not to get in the way.

Evidently Buddy Boy has decided that Mr. L is autistic. He told his teacher, Mrs. L, this last week. "Why do you say that, Buddy Boy?" she asked. "Well, he spends a lot of time on the computer, doesn't answer my questions when I talk to him, and sometimes is a little grumpy." Mrs. L just replied "Those are interesting observations." Now Mr. L is a quiet guy, but I hardly think he's on the spectrum. But since Mrs. L didn't out and out deny that her husband was autistic, Buddy Boy took this as affirmation.

So this week Mrs. L is appropriately laying down the rules for Buddy Boy when he wasn't doing something he should, and he comes out with "Mrs. L, since you are married to someone who is autistic, I would think that you would be a litte more understanding of me!"

Two more weeks until school is out for the kids! We're counting the days.


kristina said...

Talk about Buddy Boy being able to "see" things clearly! (and even more now with those new glasses!)

Clay said...

I can clearly see a "25" in the picture on the left. Don't see any number in the one on the right. Yes, I'm very color-blind. In the old-style stoplights, I couldn't see any green in the "go" lights, they all just looked white to me. They have new ones now, and I can see that they're green.

So he's a bit near-sighted?

(And what number is supposed to be there?)

Casdok said...

Hope Mrs. L is being more understanding!!
And hope Buddy Boy gets used to his glasses.

Club 166 said...

It's a "6" on the right (I can barely see it myself).

Mrs. L is very understanding. Buddy Boy is not above sometimes playing the "autism card" to try and get out of things. He knows that sometimes it's valid, and sometimes it's not, and it's not always easy to tell. But he also isn't quite smart enough to hide it well when he's playing us. :)


kathleen said...

I see a bright future on the debate team! :) I really hope he likes his glasses...

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Buddy Boy's game would be up if he had an autistic teacher. Hey, it could happen. :]

I hope you guys have a wonderful summer. Blessings to you!

Maddy said...

Lummy! Smart as a tack. Teachers......don't we just love them. 5 more weeks for us [according to the tick down chart!]

Daisy said...

I love his on-the-spot diagnosis of Mr. L. As for the glasses? Glasses are cool these days. Just get him a pair or two like Danny Gokey's. The girls will think he's adorable. Oh, wait - they already do, especially the blondes!

storkdok said...

Hmmm, Buddy Boy is very observant! Glad the glasses are helping!

Two weeks? We go through the third week of June...snow days maxed out this winter.

Enjoy the spring! I'm just starting to plant in the garden, finally!