Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Spirit, and New Year's Resolution

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This year the kids are 8 and 10. Sometime soon after last Christmas, Buddy Boy stopped believing in Santa, and ever since then when talking to us about him would make some "air quotes" with his fingers when saying his name. Letting us know that he was big now, and he knew that it was a scam. He promised not to tell Sweet Pea, but of course such promises are hard to keep, and he spent the run-up to the holiday this year in telling her repeatedly that it was just parents.

Sweet Pea has asked several questions, to which we usually just reflected back at her, "Well, what do you think?" With all the logical power that an 8 year old that wants to believe could muster, Sweet Pea came up with reason after reason that Santa had to be real. "I saw it on TV (how he gets down the chimney), he's very fast, and the presents are there with our names on them, so who would have left them?" Buddy Boy has been arguing logic back at her "Why aren't there any sooty foot prints? Parents can eat the cookies we left, how does he get all around the world in one night?", etc.

Coming down to the finish line, I thought she was faltering. "Some kid said that Santa died a long time ago. No one's that fast, and Santa's not G_d. A lot of the kids (even Christian kids) are saying he doesn't exist."

But in the end, wishful thinking won out. She decided that Santa "...must be a ghost. That's how he does it." Of course that would explain everything, I guess. There's no corporal time limit on how long you can do the job, no limit on how fast you can get around the world, etc. I guess I never considered that the "Spirit of Christmas" might actually refer to old Santa himself!

As for Buddy Boy, he came downstairs yesterday and announced to Liz that he "...was going to make a New Year's Revolution". "I think the word you want is 'resolution', dear." "Oh, yeah. A New Year's Resolution. I'm going to be nicer to Sweet Pea this year (he's actually overall nicer to her than she is to him). [he paused] I've got another resolution. I'm going to help Sweet Pea be nicer to me, too."

If only the world worked that way.

Happy New Year to one and all! This last one has been a bit tough (lots going on behind the scenes and all), but I'm hopeful that the coming one will be better. At least we all made it through 2010 in one piece, and neither kid got kicked out of school!


Niksmom said...

Oh, I can so relate to the rough year with lots going on behind the scenes. And yet, here we both are, with everyone intact (I hope!!).

Wishing you, Liz, Buddy Boy and Sweet Pea a very wonderful new year, May it be filled with as much good stuff as 2010 had hard stuff. Hope you are well and happy.

Mary said...

I don't know. I'm kind of game for a new year's revolution myself...

All the best to you, whatever the new year brings!