Friday, November 2, 2007


I don't think I'm going to leave these pics up a long time, but don't think it will hurt to have them up a little while.

We all went out "Trick or Treating" (those outside of the US, I'll let you Google it) for Halloween. Sweet Pea was Raggedy Ann, and Buddy Boy was Bill Nye, the science guy.

I was happily surprised that Sweet Pea decided to go with Raggedy Ann, over her usually preferred princess outfits. Liz sewed several different borders on the costume until she was satisfied that it looked just right.

We really had a lot of fun with the Bill Nye costume. My sister is a chemist, so she served as supplier of the lab "schwag". In addition to the usual pipets, gloves, and the like, his candy container was a giant beaker labeled "Bill Nye's Sugar Experiment" on the side, and with gradations that said "Not enough sugar, Just enough sugar, and Too much sugar" on the side. My sister got some ideas and bits from some of the geeky guys she works with (who now have a picture of Buddy Boy up in their lab).

As might be expected, not everybody got his costume (even though the ID we made him had a "Nye Labs" logo, and his name Bill Nye with Science Guy underneath it. Those that got it loved it. And of course Buddy Boy, who considers himself a scientist, loved it (this morning he told us his new name is Bill Nye the second.

At one stop Buddy Boy broke into the Bill Nye theme song (I cut him off after he got to "Science Rules!" and then continued with "Bill Nye the Science Guy is brought to you by ..."), and at another he made a point of mentioning "That's real Parafilm, you know".

All of us had a lot of fun, and the kids didn't even notice when Liz and I were pilfering some of the chocolate for ourselves. Both of them did a good job with their manners, and Buddy Boy even was able to tell a joke (it's somewhat of a local Halloween tradition that when you ring the bell and say Trick or Treat, you're also supposed to tell the people a joke in order to get your treat).

The joke was the old "knock, knock" joke:

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Boo who?

Boo who, why are you crying?

At least neither of them went as James Watson. Now that would be scary!


Neurodivergent K said...

Best. Costume. Ever.

Kassiane, the neuroscience nerd.

Niksmom said...

Great pics. Love the Bill Nye costume especially!

Ange said...

Love the pictures. I really love the Bill Nye costume. We have Nye fan here... Bubba's favorite video is the volcano/dino one from the library. :) I iss the days when the boys c ould be personalities... Bubba was Billy Idol at 10 months old. Of course everyone just called him the "guy from the wedding singer movie" ... now I'm getting teary eyed. Again, wonderful pics and great costumes!

kristina said...

I guessed Science Guy and was right! The "treat beaker" is better than the average pumpkin..... A Raggedy Ann is a fitting counterpart.

Casdok said...

Glad you all had fun, and the costumes are great!

Alyric said...

Raggedy Ann is adorable and the Bill Nye costume gets my vote for most original. This was my first Halloween and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids were so cute - even the older ones:)

There are obviously some tricks to Jack O'Lanterns we've yet to work out - like how to keep the thing lit. In the end we cheated and used a small rechargeable light:) Hey - it worked!

Joeymom said...

What cuties! I bet they got the most candy! Thanks for a peek at the pics. :)

Mary said...

ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What great costumes!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Sincerely, dianeG.

Daisy said...

Bill Nye -- what a fabulous idea! Now I have his theme song in my head...(bill, bill, bill)

Suzanne said...

Thanks or sharing this, if even for a short time. LOVE it!

Sharon McDaid said...

Your children are lovely, and their costumes look great!

Anonymous said...

I thought of this in the middle of the child crawled into bed with me and started sleepily discussing how she "just wants to learn so much science!"

Clubb 166, this is nervy of me, but is there any way I could send you a personal email? I have a specific parenting question for you and cannot find a way to contact you on your blog. I also cannot figure out how to get back into Autism Parents Forum or I would do it through them.

Anonymous said...

And no, my question isn't "why don't you spell 'clubb' the cool way?"