Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Anonymous said...


Is that ash? I remember driving through areas around Yellowstone with burned out trees and ash about 11 years ago.

So how was the trip?

Club 166 said...

That is actually a calcified tree, located downhill from a hot spring. The minerals in the hot spring gradually infiltrated the tree, leaving what is seen here.

The trip was GREAT! No major problems, the kids had a good time, and so did we. I'll probably post a summary (or some snippets) at some point.

Catching up on work stuff I couldn't do by e-mail while on the road today. The whole "You have to actually produce some work to get a paycheck" thing really sucks some time. :)


Niksmom said...

Welcome home, Joe! So glad the trip went well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I remember the mineral deposits around there when I was a kid. I loved our trip to Yellowstone as a kid. (I collected all the National Parks brochures, had a lot of them. They were a really cool small folded information with maps, and I had to have one of each park for my collection!)

Glad you had a great vacation! Yeah, work does get in the way of real life, eh?!

Cool picture! Looking forward to more! I can live vicariously!

Daisy said...

Fascinating picture! At a distance it reminds me of snowy winters, and the leafless tree adds to that impression.
Glad the trip went well! Traveling with kiddos isn't easy.